By Appointment Only. To schedule your appointment date, a non-refundable $100 creative fee will be collected at the time of our pre-consult meeting. The creative process for each session requires time for planning, the talent and knowledge to capture images using my camera and equipment, and time for post processing work for each individual gallery. 


The Process for a Personalized Session:

meet for a pre-consult to plan the session (approx. 45 minutes)

my time spent scouting light and location (done the day or two before session date)

an afternoon/evening spent with me capturing memories (1-1.5 hours)

 in-person gallery viewing, selection, and payment appointment (approx. 1 week from session date)

post processing of selected images (1-2 weeks from selection)

digital images are delivered through an online gallery for download

order prints to satisfy "print credit" for selected package via gallery link

print delivery (approx. 1 week from ordering)

Single subject portrait packages 

Single subject portrait packages start at $200 and range up to $600 depending upon the amount of desired images. They are sold separately and in-addition to the creative fee (contact me for details). This type of session and package offerings are suitable for a graduate or general portraiture needs for a single person. A print credit is included in each package option to be used toward printed products. Printed products are an important feature included in each package. While you may obtain the digital file, print products are essential because I have partnered with a professional printing company to supply a reasonably priced product that maintains the original intended color, resolution and quality of each image. I can not guarantee the integrity of images printed through any third party vendor and you can expect inconsistent results. 

Indoor or outdoor lifestyle session

Indoor lifestyle sessions are an ideal way to capture the story of your pregnancy and/or life with your newborn. This style of session is held in your home OR outdoors using the natural light available to create an artistic, raw and moody look into this temporary season in life. The idea of storytelling is to observe a person, couple, or family in their natural environment. It is my desire to catch little moments in time that may be regular occurrences behind closed doors, but when woven together with many more of these instances form a dense storyline of your life and the details of love and connection that bond us together. As I move into capturing life as a storyteller, it is evident that portrait packages were not going to cover the amount of images or time required to highlight these details and interactions. With that knowledge, I am not offering an alternative session which for simplicities sake is called a “lifestyle” session. Lifestyle sessions are a unique offering that captures people as they are authentically and unapologetically. The gallery will consist of 50+ images and start at $500. Inquire for details.

Please contact me for more details at 530.680.6055 or jmcphotographyca@gmail.com.