In Home Session with Newborn Baby Rufus


Cabin fever has set in up here where the Cascades meet the Sierra Nevada mountains. This was a big snow season for our area. We’ve endured storms that left us with feet of snow to move. When that happens, it makes it impossible to get to my favorite outdoor portrait spots. Lack of access has left me feeling stifled and unproductive as a photographer. When that happens, it is an indicator that I will either stretch the limits to find something new to try or my creativity will falter and my camera will collect dust. Considering that it is also tax season and I’ve been preparing documents and wrapping up Quickbook entries for our electrical contracting company, The Wire Wizard and my photography business, I pushed through the creative block and setup a session to capture newborn photos for a local family.

In home portraiture, as a natural light photographer, is an exciting endeavor. Just as I would do with any other session, there was a consultation to discuss wardrobe, location scouting, and a light check. I love these discovery meetings to meet and learn about my client. As a transplant to the area from Chico, CA, I welcome the opportunity to meet new people and be social. As a mother, I have such a love for new mamas who are learning their part in the beautiful dance of becoming a mother and nurturer. We are all on the same journey, and living parallel lives up here in these remote parts.

What a change it is to go from capturing posed outdoor high school Senior portraits to newborn lifestyle portraits in home. It pushed me to experiment with the light, especially as the sky outside fluctuated between cloudy and sunny in the mid morning hours.

Baby Hair Swirl

Baby Rufus and his mother were a tender sight to behold. I watched as this little man did his best to focus his eyes and look into his momma’s face. He was so strong holding his head up and pushing with his legs. I’m always fascinated by the exchange of cues for baby’s needs and the mother’s observation and natural intuition. Looking for clasped fists, lip smacking, nuzzling, etc that are early indicators of hunger and then watching as the mother acknowledges those and puts the baby to the breast where there is an almost immediate relaxation of mother and child. Needs being met. Time slowing down. The pause that babies demand in our lives are the very moments we need to catch our breathes. The ebb and flow of this dance is comforting and warm. The familiarity of it always leaves me rocking or bouncing with the muscle memory of that well practiced motherly sway.


As I packed my gear up to close out the session, this sweet baby was passed on to his dad to love on. I watched the snuggle and couldn’t help but reach for my camera for a couple of unplanned candid photos of a man and his sweet baby boy. The love in that home is strong, warm, and thick. Baby Rufus is not only loved, but adored. What a lucky little man!


It looks as though I may have found a way to navigate the five to six months of winter that we live through each year. I’ve stumbled into a style of photography that pulls at my heart strings. The connection, emotion, and raw moments of this session are so satisfying to capture. I look forward to working with many women and their babies in the months to come.

To see the full gallery of this in home session, please click the link… Enjoy!