lake almanor portrait

Welcome to my collection. My name is Jessica Murgia-Compton and I am a natural light portrait photographer located in Westwood of Northern California. My style can be described as "organic, warm, and earthy". I draw inspiration from the gorgeous wooded and mountain meadow areas that surround us.

As a transplant to the Lake Almanor area from Chico, CA, I've been captivated by the beauty of my surroundings and can often be found in the woods scouting unique and remote locations. I like to blend adventure with love and connection, and it shows in my artwork. 

My goal with any session is to create unique and timeless portraits. It is my belief that portraits are not just about documenting the moment, but creating a soulful experience that transcends the image itself. They give you a tangible memory to hang on to and share.

I pour love into each session and it takes time to create art. Creative quality is an important feature to my work and it requires a concentration of my efforts. Appointments are limited, so please don't hesitate to contact me for scheduling.

Come connect and create art with me. I will guarantee that it will be an adventure and in the process, you will discover and learn something about yourself. I know I always do.